Interesting Facts About Bali

Since 1960 Bali had grown to be the most famous international destination. Thanks to its spectacular mountains, beaches and sweet natured people, Bali has become an exotic destination for relaxing and enjoying vacations. Keeping aside the mesmerizing natural beauty Bali has some interesting traditions, places and other facts. Let’s find them out.

Best Sunset Spots In Bali

 Find yourself a cozy spot to sit back, grab a Bintang (local beer) and let a magical sunset enchant you. Chances are high that you will see the sun dive directly into the ocean, however, the best about sunsets in Bali is actually the sunset sky after the sun is gone.






Transport Service


Fast Cruise to Nusa Penida & Trip

Bored of crowded beaches and touristy destination in Bali island? We can take you to another small part of heaven, Nusa Penida island! Our fast and most comfortable cruise goes multiple times to Nusa Penida and Sanur. Free pick up and drop off at your place.


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