Who should use the Fast Track service?

We recommend below people should use our Airport Fast-Track service:

– People who come to Bali for the first time (to avoide strange procedures)

 – People who would like to get Indonesia visa stamp quickly

 – People who come to Bali with their children (we can help to take care their kids)

 – People who travel in a big group (don’t waste time to queue)

 – Business men and women

 – Pregnant women

 – Disable people

 – Elderly people





Transport Service


Fast Cruise to Nusa Penida & Trip

Bored of crowded beaches and touristy destination in Bali island? We can take you to another small part of heaven, Nusa Penida island! Our fast and most comfortable cruise goes multiple times to Nusa Penida and Sanur. Free pick up and drop off at your place.


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