Why the Bali Concierge Fast Track now is also called APmS (Airport Premium Service)?

Airport Fast track in Bali named APmS (Airport Premium Service) provided by The Bali Concierge has upgraded its services to meet any of your Airport Concierge needs.

I have booked my APmS/Fast Track service but have not received my confirmation email?

Please check your spam folder as it may be the first time your email address has received a confirmation from us. If you have still not received the confirmation, you can resend us email to info@thebaliconcierge.com and reservations@thebaliconcierge.com for an alternative email. And kindly please give us the detail booking information soonest possible.

How will I be able to identify the APmS/Fast Track Representative meeting me?

Our representatives will be in uniform (two colors: Yellow and Green) including a name badge; they will also be waiting at our counter signed Airport Premium Service Arrival Hall before the immigration Counter.

Why should I have to give you a telephone number?

To make an easier communication between our representative and you, who has responsibility to escort and assist you in the Airport. Due to without a valid telephone number we are unable to contact you with details of where to meet at the airport.

The airline has changed my flight times, how can I amend my APmS/Fast Track booking?

Please contact email info@thebaliconcierge.com and reservations@thebaliconcierge.com with the relevant changes and we will respond with confirmation of the change.

Will there be a charge to amend?

There will be no charge to amend bookings providing there is more than 48 hours notice.

What if I cannot find my APmS/Fast Track representative?

Please dial the hotline phone number +6287755997217 as per mentioned on your confirmation email, if our representative not showing up at arrival time.

My travel plans have changed and I need to cancel my APmS/Fast Track service booking, will I be charged?

Cancellation fees will be charged if the cancellation time is less than 48 hours from the time of booking. And there will be no charge to amend bookings providing there is more than 48 hours notice.

The airport that I require APmS/Fast Track service representation isn’t listed, could I book?

Unfortunately not, pre seat bookings and requests are governed by the airline's terms and conditions of travel when you booked your tickets. Please contact your airline as they may offer this facility.

Can you pre-book my seats on the aircraft?

Unfortunately not, pre seat bookings and requests are governed by the airline's terms and conditions of travel when you booked your tickets. Please contact your airline as they may offer this facility.

Can you help me with arranging upgrades on the flight?

Unfortunately not, please contact the airline directly to discuss this.

Will the APmS/Fast Track representative carry on my luggage?

Sure, our representatives are able to assist you to carry your luggage, due to that was our primary standard services, and that also remains on the basis of your prior permission.

What paperwork will I need?

You will need to bring your confirmation mail of booking, and show that confirmation mail to our representatives.

What if I lose my booking confirmation?

If you lose your confirmation, kindly please email info@thebaliconcierge.com or reservations@thebaliconcierge.com and we will send you for a new booking confirmation.

I have not pre-booked the Departure International lounge but I might to visit on the day, is that able to?

Your APmS representative may be able to arrange this in airports where we offer this facility subject to availability. You can pay on the day direct to our lounge.

Do I get the priority boarding?

No. Certain airlines will offer a pre-bookable option or this may be warranted on the class of ticket you have booked. Please refer to your airline for clarification.

Where do I could meet my ApmS representative if I am departing on a flight?

A designated area will be arranged in advance for you, usually in departures area on outbound flights or if you arrive by car, at curbside. We will confirm the arrangements when we telephone you prior to the meet.

Where do I meet my ApmS/Fast Track representative when I am arriving on a flight?

The meeting arrangements are detailed on our website under the different services that are available please refer to the details under the service you have booked.

What if I missed my connecting flight?

Your APmS representative will assist you by speaking with the relevant airline. Any extra is your responsibility and not the responsibility of APmS.

What if I am late to meet my APmS/Fast Track representative?

You need to ensure and keep connected with us on telephone number supplied on your confirmation, if you subsequently miss your flight or are denied boarding then any financial penalty imposed by the airlines will have to be met by you.

What if I need the special assistance (wheelchair, etc)?

Your APmS representative will assist in arranging this but to guarantee special assistance boarding the aircraft you will need to contact the airline directly. If you feel you need a wheelchair on the day, your APmS representative will endeavour to assist but this cannot be guaranteed and is subject to availability.

Could I book a APmS/Fast Track service for an unaccompanied minor?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with unaccompanied minors. All passengers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

What if my flight departure delayed?

We will accompany you until the scheduled departure time that we had been given. If you require us to stay longer further charges may apply, please see terms and conditions.

How long in advance can I book APmS/Fast Track Service?

We will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests; however for the ideal time for last minute booking is on 24 hours before the day. and If you on the travelling within the next 24 hours then you will need to email directly to info@thebaliconcierge.com to book your service to check availability.
Does The Bali Concierge offer a Family trip plan?
Of course, kindly please send us email info@thebaliconcierge.com , reservations@thebaliconcierge.com and our expert customer service the Bali concierge will assist you with quote.

Could you arrange transportation and Hotels?

Absolutely we able to. Our team will assist you with our Premium and Luxury Transportation and your hotel requesting bookings.

Could I make an order for Baby Seat inside on the transport?

We provide free Baby Seat for any cars based on your reservation requested before.

How many capacity persons for one car?

Depend of what car type you reserve.

How many category transport the Bali concierge have?

We have Premium and Luxury Car, such as mentioned in our website www.thebaliconcierge.com