Kitchen Sessions

Famed for his concept of elevating Asian street food to a restaurant level, Will Meyrick and his limited edition 'kitchen sessions' have taken us on unique culinary journeys to Burma and Sri Lanka. The latest round – a collaboration with Balinese chef Budiana, gives a tantalising peak into Balinese cuisine like you have never seen (or tasted before.) Highlights include pepes klengis – snapper parcels with roasted coconut sediment and salam leaf wrapped in banana leaves, and sate lilit babi – pork sates with coconut, bumbu gede and kaffir lime leaves. Best washed down with a signature Mama San cocktail!





Transport Service


Fast Cruise to Nusa Penida & Trip

Bored of crowded beaches and touristy destination in Bali island? We can take you to another small part of heaven, Nusa Penida island! Our fast and most comfortable cruise goes multiple times to Nusa Penida and Sanur. Free pick up and drop off at your place.


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