Balinese Daily life activity

Feel the epic and new experience of a daily Balinese life at the local village. And you will Find out the ancestral know-how of Balinese weavers, and be witness of the technique and process of textile fabrics. Then walk in the countryside, will Off the beaten track, get an authentic taste of Bali, as we go for a walk for about 1h00 in Sidemen Valley. Along the path, there is a chance to meet the farmers working in the field and get to understand their everyday life. And You’ll join with the farmer in the field to try by yourself what you may have already seen around in Bali, plowing with cows and sting the rice. And continuing to learn Balinese culture, Such as traditional Cooking lesson, Making the offerings for the daily praying or the ritual ceremony in Bali, and Learning how to write Your name in Balinese Sanskrit on the dried palm, you also discover the Balinese Alphabet named Aksara Bali.
We also invite you for a local liquor tasting, and explaining about the fermentations process to become a liquor, with also usually called Arak. Last but lease we invite you for Balinese Picnic Lunch in the rice fields, surrounding by nature it’s become a perfect day to relax and enjoy the view.