Explore the Trunyan Skull Village

Trunyan is one of the culturally isolated Bali Aga Village in Bali. This village is located on the isolated eastern shore of the crescent-shaped Lake Batur, at the foot of Mount Abang, a peak on the eastern rim of the large caldera. The village is most easily accessible by boat.

Trunyan is another ancient village inhabited by people who call themselves the “Bali Aga” or old Bali who live in ways that are vastly different from other Balinese. The Bali Aga’s temple in this village is named Puser Jagat meaning the Navel of Universe, its architecture is highly unusual, and stands in the protective shade of a massive banyan tree. The Bali Aga has a strange way of burial, instead of cremating their corpses, the Bali Aga simply place them under the Banyan tree. The odor is mysteriously masked by a special arboreal fragrance emitted by banyan tree.